The situation in the abhazo-Georgian border has deteriorated again

On Monday morning in western Georgia, two Georgian policemen wounded in anti-tank mine explosion on a bridge near the village of Hurcha Zugdidi district, transmits Interfax with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. Earlier, the same agency reported that Sunday in the same village Hurcha Post Georgian police came under armed attack - by shooting killed one Georgian policeman and three wounded, one critically.
   Responsibility for the attack Sunday in Tbilisi have conferred on the Abkhaz side. Georgian media reported that the Abkhaz had used grenades and mortars
   Coordinator of the power structures of the Gali district of Abkhazia Lawrence Mikvabiya confirmed agency Interfax that the village Hurcha Zugdidi district of Georgia took place intense firefight, but the incident Abkhaz security structures are not involved. ”
   “The exchange was a half kilometers from the border, on the Georgian territory, so any internal deconstruction” - stressed Mikvabiya.
   The same was reported polpred president of Abkhazia in the Gali district Ruslan Kishmariya in an interview with radio station Echo Moskvy. ” According to him, “No firing was not and could not be.”
   On the independence of the Abkhaz side to the incident with the death of police officer said the agency ITAR-Tass and Chief of Internal Affairs rayotdela border Gali district of Abkhazia Laurens Kogoniya, “the Abkhaz side to the incident at the adjacent territories has nothing to do with.” “The Georgian side is trying to blame for the death of its police to hold us,” - he added.
   According to him, shooting with neighboring Zugdidi district were heard in the Gali district. “In the immediate vicinity of the village Hurcha Nabakevi in the town of Gali district, Abkhaz border guards now have recorded several cases of intense shooting. It is possible that on Georgian territory occurred some disassembly, leaving dead and wounded is” - said Kogoniya.
   Recall, in the Zugdidi region of Georgia on September 12, was killed, another Georgian policeman.
   According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, shooting at a Georgian police post was opened by the village Otobaya Gali district of Abkhazia, a policeman was injured and on their way to Zugdidi hospital died. Polpred Ruslan Kishmariya and then denied involvement in the attack Abkhaz side.

22 September 2008 | abkhazia, georgia, war

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